Cookies are small content files and are used to store and receive identifiers and other information about the computers, phones and other devices from which you access the websites and allow For Long Life Inc. to provide, protect and improve our services allow the website to record information about the user’s visit, and thanks to their use, the user’s next visit to the website becomes easier and faster (e.g. they help reduce page loading time). ).

Cookies are used by For Long Life Inc. when you visit their website, mostly to customize content, anonymous traffic statistics, select relevant advertising, enable safer login to the website and more – a more detailed description is provided below.


What types of cookies does the website use?


On the website, For Long Life Inc use two types of cookies:

  • Session Cookies: These cookies are temporary. They are only stored in your browser’s cookie file until you close your browser. These cookies are essential for the website or related applications to function properly.
  • Persistent cookies: (or tracking cookies): We may use these cookies to provide you with a simpler and more convenient user experience on the website, such as easier and faster navigation. These cookies remain in your browser’s cookie file for a longer period of time. The duration of this period depends on the chosen settings of the Internet browser. Persistent cookies enable information to be transmitted to the Internet server each time the website is visited.


Registration and security

Cookies assist in user registration and login to For Long Life Inc. website. If the user uses them, they can remember their credentials, environment (e.g. browser) and features so they don’t have to enter them every time, or continue to ensure security after login. For the registered user, For Long Life Inc. may provide information on opting in or out of cookies. Cookies also help For Long Life Inc. fight against activities that would break the rules on the website.



Long Life Inc. websites use cookies. processed and targeted advertising according to user behavior. Advertising systems (advertising) used on For Long Life Inc. websites. They use cookies for remarketing and also perform segmentation, also known as behavioral targeting, and use their own cookies to determine how many people have seen a particular ad, clicked on it, or how many of them have seen it repeatedly. The information that advertising systems collect does not contain personal data such as name, e-mail address or telephone number. The data is recognized only thanks to cookies, which contain a string of letters and numbers that make it possible to recognize that the same computer user returns to the site from different browsers. In the case of cookies, their entire movement history on the Internet is not retained, only their assignment to categories that are suitable for segmentation.

Data resulting from user behavior can be used by Google on their website. If you do not wish to store these cookies, you can block their use at this address


For LongLife Inc. is interested in which pages users repeatedly view and visit and therefore collects traffic statistics in order to develop and further improve the websites according to the preferences of the users of the respective website. On the websites of For Long Life Inc uses traffic measurements with Google Analytics. These measurements for For Long Life Inc. record which pages the user has visited on the website, where they got on the page, where they left it, what device, operating system or browser they are using for viewing, or what language they prefer . These statistics are completely anonymous, so For Long Life Inc. does not know which specific user visited the website. For LongLife Inc. Therefore, it does not combine the data obtained with other data and manages cookies in such a way that they do not allow identification of specific individuals.


Online payments

On the websites, For Long Life Inc uses various payment terminals to provide online payments, but For Long Life Inc. does not have access to the information about the user’s accounts and credit cards that he enters into the payment terminal during the payment. Payment services are shared by For Long Life Inc. Information only to the extent necessary to process payments from For Long Life Inc. websites. . For For Long Life Inc. payments. It also analyzes the performance of various sales channels via cookies.

The user can refuse cookies in the settings of his web browser or stop the use of only some of them. But if For Long Life Inc. If you do not allow the use of cookies, some features and pages will not work as they should. The user can find the privacy settings on the computer, in which the use of cookies can be refused or disabled, in the menu of the Internet browser. You can find cookie settings in the most commonly used browsers on the following websites: