Since 2010, we have focused on developing nutritional supplements for better health and lifestyle, immune system support and quality of life improvement. Our products are 100% natural and vegan. In their manufacture, we combine 21st-century technology with centuries-old knowledge of plants and fungi.

Development team

Antonin Tony Spirit (born 1963) CEO of FOR LONG LIFE inc. is the head of our development team which consists of top scientists and physicians from different regions of the world, across all disciplines. [LINKEDIN]

Technology & Quality

Our unique technological procedures in the processing of extracts from herbs and medicinal mushrooms guarantee the uncompromising function and quality of our products.


Our products have received the highest possible awards in many countries around the world. Our laboratories are FDA approved and certified.

Customer satisfaction

In the long term, we achieve very convincing results with targeted cell nutrition using non-chemical substances. And thousands of enthusiastic customers from all over the world agree with us.